What is a Doula? 

I'm often asked "What is a doula?" or people misunderstand what I say, thinking I am a jeweller, which usually leads to giggles. Doulas are non-medically trained community care workers who provide informational, emotional and physical support to their clients. 
People commonly connect doulas with childbirth and pregnancy, but the spectrum of doula work can also encompass postnatal support and end-of-life doula-ing. A full-spectrum doula even covers the complete spectrum of reproductive experience (including IVF, termination, adoption...). Doulas come in many flavours and with many beautiful, supportive offerings.

I am a mentored postnatal doula. As such, you can hire me at any time during your postpartum journey. Some clients want support very soon after birth, while others might need a helping hand when the baby completes their first year. You could even hire me as a support when you're struggling with illness or generally have a lot on. Doulas are not just for your first baby either, so it doesn't matter if you're expecting baby #1 or #6.
A postnatal doula is a calm, reassuring presence, reliable physical support, and a heart that listens and understands.
When you ask me to be there for you and your family through your postpartum journey, I bring an open ear, lush, nourishing food, and loving presence. I can support you with looking after your newborn, breastfeeding, cooking, light housework and childcare. Massage, herbal remedies, and Moxa-therapy are part of my package, too. Although none of these are compulsory and we'll put together an individual postnatal plan, tailored to your needs and wishes.

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“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”  Dr. John Kennell