About me

Hi, I'm Faye, a mentored doula offering postnatal support in Kerrier (Cornwall) and surroundings. I live in Helston with my partner, daughter and two naughty guinea pigs. My background is in holistic healing and social care.

In Doula-ing, I trained with the lovely Samsara Tanner, who is now also my mentor. 

My childhood and young adult life were shaped by the arrival of my seven younger siblings. At twenty-two, I attended my youngest brother's birth. I particularly enjoyed looking after Mum and him in the weeks after he was born, and the wish to become a doula formed.

Practising with independent midwives and looking after friends postnatally, I learned that support is not so much about the where and what but the 'HOW'.  

After birthing my own daughter in 2016, I became even more aware of how vital good postnatal care was. My mum had been there for my daughter's birth and the immediate postpartum phase. I felt so well cared for and buoyed by her love for us that I wanted this experience to be available to all newborn parents (whether it's their first child or their tenth). 

As a society, we tend to underestimate the importance of good postnatal care. The postpartum time is such a powerful yet  also vulnerable experience, and I believe the utmost care needs to be taken when supporting a newborn and their family. 
I'm a kind and gentle person, and I will lovingly support you in your postpartum journey. Our time together will be guided by your needs and wishes, and I shall respect your choices at all times. 

Before we begin our shared journey, we have a complimentary meeting to get to know each other and discuss your ideas, wishes and expectations.
 I always feel very honoured to be a part of someone's path, especially at such a unique moment in their lives, and I look forward to meeting you and yours. 


Doula Training and Experience

After finishing school in 2004, my journey started with a course in Traditional Chinese Medicine. During that course, I also learned what foods and treatments best assist a newborn parent in their postnatal healing. 

Other than that, I learned gentle touch in different massage courses (Tuina and baby massage). 

During my twenties, I assisted my mum with running our family-owned farm and raising my seven younger siblings (the youngest is 22 years younger than me). This time taught me valuable things about caring for others, and the wish to become a doula was born. 

Once decided, I assisted various midwives during births and postnatally and thus gained a deeper understanding of pregnancy and birth. 

In 2015, I did my first Doula training with Kate Woods from Conscious Birthing and became pregnant soon after. 

In 2016, I moved to Cornwall as a single mum when my daughter was only two weeks old. I quickly learned the importance of a reliable social network and knew then that I wanted to support parents postnatally. 

During the pandemic, I worked as an hourly carer in the local community. There, I gained further experience in looking after others. I also tried to use the locked-down time wisely and completed a bachelor in English literature ;) 

In October 2023, I completed my Postnatal Doula Training with Samsara Tanner of Conscious Birthing. She is also my mentor now. 

2005-2008 Course in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shambhala Institute Vienna 

2008 Tuina-massage course in Vienna

2011 Training with midwife Barbara Freyer in Görlitz/Germany

2012 Course in spiritual attendance in pregnancy and birth, with Sita Kleinert at Sita Ma Centre Switzerland

July 2015 Conscious Birthing Doula Training Course with Kate Woods 

October 2015 Training with Darby Partner, holistic midwife Hawaii (Big Island) 

March 2016  Baby Massage course in Vienna 

2020-2022 Work as a community carer for Helping Hands and New Cross

July 2023, BA(Hons) English with Creative Writing, Falmouth University 
October 2023 Postnatal Doula Course with Samsara Tanner at Conscious Birthing

February 2024, Food Hygiene Certificate, TAWG ltd. 

January- April 2024 Training with BFN "Supporting Infant Feeding in your Practice"

With gratitude to my mum, the best doula anyone could wish for ! 𓆩♡𓆪