Doula Faye

Welcome. Please take a look around my website, and learn about me and the postnatal support I offer. 

There is a miracle in every new beginning.  

 Hermann Hesse

Hi, I'm Faye, a mentored doula offering postnatal support in Kerrier (Cornwall) and surroundings. When you ask me to be there for you and your family through your postpartum journey, I bring an open ear, lush, nourishing food, and loving presence. I always feel very honoured to be a part of someone’s path, especially at such a unique moment in their lives, and I look forward to meeting you.

Support for you and your family...

Working with me

A doula is for everyone. I'm here to support you and your baby, but also your partner, older children and wider family.  Also, you can have a doula at any point in your postpartum journey, no matter how old your child is. And no matter whether it's child #1 or #6. 

Food for body and Soul 

I've always had a love relationship with food, and I enjoy creating healthy, nourishing meals.  I was 22 when my youngest brother was born. He had been born prematurely and needed to be hospitalised due to severe jaundice. I lovingly cooked lush food for my mum at the time and brought it into the hospital for her each day. Both of us still look back on that time with fond memories. I've since made it a point to take 'round lovely food to anyone I know who's just had a baby. 

Supporting therapies 

Over the years, I've collected an offering of different supportive and pampering therapies. As part of your postnatal journey with me, you can have massage, moxa-therapy, Sitzbaths and Energy Healing. Although none of them are compulsory, and we'll put together an individual postnatal plan, tailored to your needs and wishes.  

Why a doula?

Practising with independent midwives and looking after friends postnatally, I learned that support is not so much about the where and what but the 'HOW'. After birthing my own daughter in 2016, I became even more aware of how vital good postnatal care was. My mum had been there for my daughter's birth and the immediate postpartum phase. I felt so well cared for and buoyed by her love for us that I wanted this experience to be available to all newborn parents.