The 5 Pillars of Postnatal Care 

There are five themes that are reflected in postnatal care around the world: REST, NOURISHING FOOD, LOVING TOUCH, CARING SUPPORT and CONTACT WITH NATURE & RITUAL. With the following offers, I aim to cover all of these, making sure that you are being cared for in the best way possible. 

Massage and Gentle Touch 

As part of my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was taught Tuina Massage. I also learned a massage technique that would support you with feeling contained and safe within your body again after childbirth. During my own pregnancy, I trained as a facilitator for baby massage classes, and, if you wish, I can share some gentle baby-massage techniques with you.   

"For close to forty weeks, you nourished the baby inside you; now it is you who must be nourished." (Heng Ou) 
Any food I'd bring to you would be made from scratch with healthy ingredients. I hold a food hygiene certificate, and would prepare food for you in my own home. One day, that could be a nutrient -rich rice congee, another, a gorgeous recovery stew, and for your sweet tooth, you could have peanut butter bliss balls or a groaning cake. I'd also prepare lovely herbal teas for you, as well as slightly spicy warm drinks. Postpartum foods need to be well-balanced, rich in iron and good fatty acids, and nurturing. The good news is that all of that can be provided, and the results taste yummy too. Dig in ;) 

Apart from gentle touch and lush food, I offer other supporting therapies, like Sitz-baths, herbal baths and Moxatherapy. For the latter, I place gently smoking  mugwort in a small hand-pan and rub it over your lower back. This ancient Chinese treatment supports your womb by stimulating the related meridians, thus replenishing vital warmth. The mugwort smoke also has a subtle relaxing effect and mums have told me on various occasions that they felt calm and restored after a Moxa session. 

Finally, I'd be there to listen. Maybe, you'd want to talk about your birth experience, or you have questions regarding feeding and infant care. Having a new baby is beautiful but can also be overwhelming and exhausting. I'm a mother myself and I have had plenty of experience in caring for young children (having been the oldest of eight). I would love to be there for you and your needs, in a holistic and all-encompassing way. 

The Golden Month 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first 40 days after birth are known as the Golden Month. That period is considered a sacred time in the life of a birthing person, and they are being given the utmost support - All to ensure that their future life will be one of health and happiness. Aside from the above practices, I can also support you with Energy Healing after birth. This is non-compulsory but it is there, should you wish for it. 

"I received too much postpartum support."

said no new parent ever...